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She's Always The Victim .... It's Never Her Fault

For our first blog entry we are honoured to have a guest writer, our good twitter friend @Liverpool_Lou

This blog entry eloquently reflects the problems that not just The Honourables have but also regular twitter users regarding online abuse of The 96

Into her big mouth you could fly a plane.... And I think you literally could. 

In fact writer/blogger/trappy extraordinaire Melanie CJ (I'm not going to use her fullname but it's visible in the screengrabs in this blog) could probably fuel an aeroplane with the bullsh!t that comes out of her mouth. But that's all the bad mouthing I'm going to do its not worth getting her into another angry rage that consumes her mind so much she needs to blog again. 


A little background on Mel C Trappy Pants (sorry I said I wouldn't but couldn't resist one more) she's a writer (apparently; although she's had no noticeable serious publications and there seems to be no publishing house that has touched her work) a Chelsea FC and Seattle Sounders FC fan and, in my opinion, a real vicious vindictive little woman.

Imagine her sat there snapping her plastic flag in fury (it's ok to use this stereotype as it's true and still relevant). She has opinions above her station and judging purely from her blog & twitter timeline: limited intellectual capabilities. 

She has about five people who read her blog and yet is under the delusion that thousands of adoring fans wait eagerly for every little typed word she types

Utter tripe Mel, they're humouring you and are also avid Liverpool haters who've leaped onto the same bandwagon as yourself. Nothing more.

The real issue is the vulgarity in which this woman works and uses her writing to ensure she at least in her own mind smells of roses. 

She hates no scratch that detests Liverpool the city, the football club and it's fans and anyone who lives there. She will have you believe Liverpool has the highest crime/unemployment/Council house tenants statistic in the country.

She's wrong and just proving her bias with such outdated boring stereotypes. 

She's never even been to Liverpool ...

Do not try to correct her you will become boring for the rest of your life! 

In her blogs, I will give her credit for the fact that she cleverly twists situations to make it look like cyber bullies are harassing/stalking/threatening her, a typical trait of those deflecting. 

She now lives in Seattle USA having moved there from London according to her own bio, so how exactly she's being stalked is anyone's guess. Having a little peek on Google at who someone is isn't stalking or a crime, nor indeed is someone looking at a publically available Twitter timeline or Facebook page. But as an example of her hypocrisy ... from her own Twitter timeline....

That was posted after a Twitter user blocked her and she had been monitoring his Twitter feed. So she claims she is being stalked herself but admits to stalking.

So she writes a blog, litters it with comments that are hurtful, disrespectful, vile and unnecessary, in order to gain attention to herself. To make matters worse, she told the people who she thought had insulted her about her blog entry : 

She writes these things seemingly to provoke a reaction so that she can then use any minority of people who abuse her as scapegoats, turn them into a majority or 'en masse' as she terms it for dramatic effect, all in order to enforce her belief on others that Liverpool fans are the worse fans in the land. 

She refuses to acknowledge anyone who corrects the lies within her blogs or who tries to argue a valid point by labelling them boring. Because if she says so : then you are so. 

As you see from her blogs what she says goes : an example below

direct screengrab from a reply she posted to a comment on her blog


Her first blog that touches on Hillsborough is one where she is sticking up for Alan Davies and his comments over why should Liverpool Football Club be exempt from playing football on the 15th April in any footballing year. 

Ok, so the question isn't mocking the deaths or the tragedy, however it is lacking in moral principle, respect and sympathy. 

Alan Davies later went on to apologise and donate to the Hillsborough charities in ways of making a sincere gesture to accompany his apology. 

She wrote a blog backing him at the time (April 2012) and still, nearly a year on, can't see the wrong in her remarks. Yes, I'm afraid, she's that arrogant, ignorant and narrow minded. Mind boggling when she's been a famous blogger writer to the en masse five readers of her blogs for the last three years! 

So what was she supporting Alan for ? Chelsea had to play a different day to the 15th April and had one less day in which to rest/prepare for their midweek champions league fixture! 

Oh well then excuse me, the people of Liverpool, the Liverpool fans, Liverpool Football Club and its players past and present not to mention the families and friends of 96 football fans who went to a football match in Sheffield and never returned home, for wanting to remember them on the anniversary of their deaths. 

So a lot of people want to pay respects and remember those victims of Hillsborough but in her eyes that's totally selfish. 

We should, of course, cancel the yearly memorial that's been held for the past 23 years and also probably hang our heads in shame for remembering those dead, while Chelsea players (who are paid stupid money to play no matter what) had one less day to recover. What a disgustingly hate filled, vengeful woman.  


This, of course, from a Chelsea fan who defends Manchester United with such vigour it's hard to even notice she's a Chelsea fan, slags off Man City at regular intervals, yet despite her hate for Liverpool, the city Liverpool the football club and all Scousers whether through birth or honour and suggests the people that either live in the city or support the club are not really worthy of being classified humans. 

But there's one failing to this. 

As I said, she picks the meat of the bones of Manchester City so why no mention of hatred towards Everton then when she hates all Scousers and anyone residing in a city with an Lxx postcode? 

Because she's a hypocrite. 

She knows in terms of football Manchester United fans and Everton fans will stand united in a bit of rival banter towards Liverpool fans. But what she doesn't understand and cannot comprehend is that, although she wants to tarnish Liverpool and its fans as vile, sick cyber bullying, murdering cretins who are the only football fans in history to ever sing a song that mocks a football tragedy (she's talking the Munich song 'ice on the runway'), she wrongly overlooks the sociology and the history of Liverpool city itself.

Liverpool and Everton have had a rivalry dating back to when John Houlding decided to turf his lodgers Everton out of Anfield due to differing opinions and create a better football team. And yes, down the years it has at times run deeper than just a few chants of 'Kopites are gobshites' (Everton fans) and 'bitter bluenoses' (Liverpool fans), spiralling into violence and fights, and divided neighbours and torn families, who are in turmoil at the others choice of being a red or a blue. 

A film that highlights this rivalry in a humorously dramatic way is 'Reds and Blues', which takes a light hearted look at what each fan does to better the other. 

But, deep down, Scousers aren't like the football fans of rivals that dwell in other cities. 

Liverpool is a city renowned for its heart and togetherness; where Scousers belong to each other regardless of who they support. 

During WWII, it was an unwritten law that while the Liverbirds sat silently watching over the city then Liverpool was not defeated and those birds haven't budged an inch. 

And so Motormouth Mel has failed and wrongly ignored this very important factor in a city who's heart is as big as its people, a heart that's as big as the City of Culture, Liverpool. 

Yes, Liverpool fans and Everton have a bit of hatred on derby days and in between, but they live in the city as one, and in times of despair and sadness and tragedy they forget the rivalry and stand together. 

Something Melanie decided to either ignore or just fails again to understand when she made the comments about the Christmas charity single for Hillsborough - "He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother" by The Justice Collective (Christmas 2012 number 1 in the UK).

Everton had played the song when 'The Truth' came out about Hillsborough, and the lies were exposed and football teams up and down the country were paying respect. But there was a significant and sympathetic and compassionate meaning. 

She said she hadn't listened to it as she thinks its probably as crap as any other charity single (such a lovely lady). She also stated that :-

Remarkable how she knows "nobody liked it yet" it sold 400k+ copies in one week.

Everton were trying to say to Liverpool : we are here for you brother and we will carry you and we are on that road to justice with you. 

A road of 23 years and yes it's been long, in fact, a very long, long road, from which there is no return, something else she's mocked apparently we have banged on about for 23 long years for no good reason other than to bang on about it apparently. 

So she writes these comments in her posts then waits for the Liverpool fans to react on twitter. I imagine she has a look about her like the cat that got the cream. 

She then uses abuse and her age old stereotypes to abuse them. A few have abused her and I and not and neither do en masse Liverpool fans condone any type of abuse. 

But she deceptively decides in her next blog she won't mention her abuse, just a minority of Liverpool fans and how she's a victim again for no reason at all, and she hasn't done anything wrong, said anything vile, vulgar or derogatory to anyone or anything. 

As I've proved, so far she's said plenty and yes it seems I'm piling up many points but its needed to show to what depths this woman has plummeted, in her need to establish just how big a victim of Cyber  Liverpool fans she has become. But it's all of her own making. 

She writes the blogs containing hurtful, unwanted provocative comments and then provokes even further through twitter selects only the abusive fans writes another blog and hey presto or me again. She's getting better at cooking up cock and bull than THAT UNMENTIONABLE Wastepaper. 

Perhaps that's her angle for all this. Perhaps she hopes if she tells enough porkies and is horrible as possible to Liverpool fans as can be, that she will qualify for a job at that Raghu excuse of wastepaper! 

She mentions in her blogs how she's an avid reader of most newspapers, which is probably where she learnt to conjure up the cock and bull she writes. 

Something else she fails to overlook though, when setting out to ensure she paints as nasty a picture of only Liverpool fans being responsible of hatred and of singing songs that mock Munich (yes we admit its happened but by a very small minority) she forgets one massive thing. 

Manchester United do it all the time at football matches that don't even involve Liverpool. 

The Manchester Utd fans were held back inside Anfield early half of the season and what did they do? They practised for their Muppet Christmas Carol by having choir practise and they filled their lungs and sang with gusto 'Always the victim never your fault'. 

She's blind to this of course, deliberately so most probably. If she didn't blog about it then it never happened. 

Manchester United fans continued as mentioned to do it at other games again she fails to mention that. But where she just declares its en masse of Liverpool fans with no evidence, in her accusations to spread her hate it really is en masse of Manchester Utd fans that do it and there is evidence of it. 


She claimed in her Twitter timeline (this was the source for the reaction from LFC fans that she wrote this blog entry about) that 90% of Liverpool songs are about Munich ... 

She later in another blog admits she meant Manchester Utd, with another little insult thrown in, because 'scousers don't know what that is' not Munich only because : she knew she really was wrong and she thought admitting to one lie might give her epic, untouchable credibility back [This sentence may contain sarcastic hyperbole, menopausal motormouth Mel] ). 

Now I am partial to a good sing song for the match. Nothing better than a song or two to fire up the passion of a football game. So I'm confident in saying that having supported Liverpool since I was 4 (which was 1983 not 1998 as she suggested but I'll take it as a compliment) I know a few football songs. 

And I racked my brains through them all after her mad claims to try and figure out which lines in songs such as You'll Never Walk Alone, Fields of Anfield Road and any other song about our club or players could possibly be about Munich, or even Manchester Utd. 

Perhaps there are subliminal meanings in the words that relate to mocking Munich or perhaps the 'duh duh duh duh...' Of the Luis Su├írez song is morse code? Who knows what the feck this half-witted (if we're generous) wench is on about? And really who cares? 

Well no, we probably shouldn't care about her much. BUT we should care about her opinions, views and hatred and that of football fans like her.

Because its not right to mock death in any form. 

Ok there's some sickos that do it and we won't ever stop them all or change their limited and stunted capacity to comprehend the wrong in it. But yes it is right to stand up to them.

I recently reported a Chelsea fan named Alex Pritchard, also a Chelsea Fan, to Swansea University with regards to tweets relating to mocking the Hillsborough tragedy and I received a compassionate response from those in charge, and was assured he had been spoken to was apologetic and drunk at the time of the tweet. 

So if society and the institutions, establishments and businesses and yes, even the government stand on the side of the Hillsborough families, and the club, and its fans, in believing these remarks or comments are wrong why does this woman think she's above all that and untouchable? 

Because she's making out she's a victim.  


And she's also targeting certain people and groups who are trying to fight and stand up for what Justice for The 96 is all about and try to turn them into laughing stocks and use them to her own gain to ensure her victim status.

Funny really, she has no compassion for victims who have died yet she wants people to pity and sympathise with her because she's orchestrated herself into being the target of a tiny bit of cyber bullying. 

She's now working on mocking a group of people who are unknown by their real identities but collectively call themselves 'The Honourables'. 

They have built a website and their aim is to try to expose people like Mel. People who use such tragedies to make herself a victim. 

But Mel tried to be cleverly deceptive again, and suggest this group were behind fans who were stalking her (she lives in the States so how she's being stalked I have no idea), and that they are hiding behind Hillsborough as a means to bully people. 

However, this group of individuals are simply trying to go about dealing with these individuals in the correct manner such as I did with Chelsea fan Alex Pritchard; ways which deal with the problem by educating, preventing, promoting and enforcing correct measures to stop as many of these hatred filled lies and jokes. 

Mel is of the impression that its been 23 years too long for Hillsborough to still be an issue ignoring the facts surrounding Hillsborough. 

The police were at fault and covered it up. 

The government backed it. The newspapers spread lies to ensure the reputations of Liverpool fans were that of murderers, thieves etc. 

The inquests into the deaths recorded the wrong times of deaths and the wrong cause. 

Accountability for the why it happened and how as who was to blame hasn't been dealt with. 

Variables of the day that could of prevented and saved lives such as only one ambulance out of 44 only being allowed into the ground have to be answered to. 

Yes the truth was made public with regards to all these issues and many many more. And the verdicts of accidental death has now been quashed at the high court. 

But justice has NOT been done; and not just because Mel thinks we should shut up, go away and pipe down so she can get on with her lies doesn't mean we have to and it doesn't mean we have to turn a blind eye to nasty people such as her. 

Justice has not been done because Hillsborough was the biggest cover-up in British legal history and has major repercussions on the trust of our authorities to do the right thing.

The fight for justice won't be stopped by a vulgar little woman who has nothing but a pair of vinegar tits and a keyboard going for her. But I guess we could do the decent thing and remember, despite it being her own fault and her own making, she's a victim of stalking and cyber bullying.

Lets put on our black armbands. Bow our heads for a minutes silence. 

And when that's done, in typical Scouse style take a five finger discount of Manchester Utds fans song, and give her the best of the Kop and sing 


Then maybe she will feel justice for her has been done and we can return to the road of what matters: JUSTICE for The 96. 

You know what Melanie, when all is said and done you and your five readers are not en masse and you're not the only person to question the fight for justice in 23 years and you won't stop us but your lies and jokes are something we have ever just turned a blind eye to, because darling 'We are Liverpool and that's not the Liverpool way' and we live by that and are proud to do so. 

We will never forget what that, and YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE, means and we carry it in our hearts while all you have is a washed-up excuse for a blog and a plastic flag in your hand....

But that's the Chelsea Way darling! 

Dedicated to my friend Amanda Tootle who lost her brother Peter Tootle at Hillsborough.


  1. haha! you scouse prannies need to get a sense of humour or at least pull your heads out of your @rses. You advertise yourselves as a group that defends the honour of the 96, and after looking at her twitter feed she in no way disrespects the 96, more the paranoid nature of Liverpool fans and their inability to 'take it' whilst still wishing to 'give it'. You lot are more of a joke than Spirit of Shankly

  2. Who said it was JUST her twitter feed ? There is cumulative evidence against her ... read the blog entry again ... but anyway Barry Balls it's ok coz you've proven that you're no better than Mel.

    Don't bother replying.

  3. Oh and "Barry Balls" ... We've been taking this sort of stuff for over 23 years ... it's time it stopped.

  4. There are many staggering things about this great piece of writing, absolutely top class Liverpool Lou! Perhaps foremost of which is the fact that you don't claim to write "for" anything other than to uphold the honour & memory of those 96 innocent victims. You deserve to be respected for that, very well done.

    There are so many great phrases in there, "you will be boring for ever"; I think it said - brilliant! The concept of singing "always the victim, it's never your fault" is absolutely top drawer, comedy gold.. didn't Mel herself mention 'sense of humour'!? After reading some of her twitter crap, the phrase referring to hyperbole was too good as well, brilliantly conceived, hat's off Louise.

    But the brilliant piece also highlights issues that any believer in democratic justice wants to see, not just LFC fans, because that could have been any team playing that semi-final on that day, & they would have also suffered the worst British establishment cover-up in living memory, so very well done too for having the principles to stand up to Mr Pritchard, the more we see the likes of him being dealt with in the proper way the better as far as I'm concerned.

    Finally, I just really want to say thank you very much for a very well thought out piece, & thank you very much to The Honourables, for highlighting these critical issues affecting the sport today, which this reader wants to banish entirely, no matter how naive that may be