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Genuine Blogger or Abusive Bullshit Rip-Off Merchant ? You decide. (UPDATED)


This blog entry contains strong language in the screen images used.

What is contained within this blog is opinion based on factual evidence - you are free to agree or disagree with it's content. 

Abusive comments will however not be tolerated and will be removed (for obvious reasons)

Sadly, as we all know, there are bellends amongst our own ranks of LFC fans. 

Some manage to make the definition of the insult "bellend" though seem polite in comparison to their behaviour.

Even more outrageous though are so-called LFC fans who do the following :-

  • (a) Try to make money out of gullible LFC fans
  • (b) Blatently rip-off stories from other websites and profess them to be their own
  • (c) Lie 
  • (d) Create numerous blag accounts to attempt to hide their identity or promote their website
  • (e) Fabricate evidence to discredit those who disagree or "out" their failures
  • (f) Side with previous owner Tom Hicks to release information to discredit current owners of LFC
and lastly and from our point of view the worst of all 
  • (f) Publically promise to donate money to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign or HFSG and NEVER pay up - at least TWICE.

Who is the person who does this ?

The editor of so-called LFC gossip site

A certain Mr Jaimie Kanwar

Some of you may have already come across him, and you probably have an inkling what this blog is going to be about.

Here's a photo of him from a simple google search

So what has he done that we consider wrong ?

Well good friend of The Honourables and fellow blogger and twitter user @LFCKopChat has been on a mission for some time to expose the wrong-doings of Mr Kanwar. @LFCKopChat's blog can be found here.

For the sake of space here, we are not going to cover again all of the information on @LFCKopChat's blog but suffice it to say the evidence is damning against Kanwar.

We would strongly suggest readers to check out that blog before continuing if you are not familiar with the background to all of this.

The evidence for the claims above is in @LFCKopChat's blog

So what did Kanwar do to upset The Honourables ?

In the case of the so-called promise of donation to the Hillsborough Charities :-

This is a copy image of a blog entry from 10th October 2011 from Kanwar's website. He has since deleted it (conveniently) but screengrabs are a bitch.

Please note the wording of the paragraph beginning "My ultimate aim" three paragraphs from the end.

In September 2012, three days after the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report, @LFCKopChat sent an email to Kanwar at his editorial email address on the website.

So in response to a perfectly reasonable question about how much had actually been donated to the HJC did Kanwar respond with an answer ? Yes.

Was it polite ? No. 

Did it actually answer the question ? Certainly not. 

Was it an abusive response ? Certainly it was.

Now, whether Kanwar and @LFCKopChat have an axe to grind with each other is not up to us to judge, however the response that was given revealed a little about Kanwar's attitude towards not just @LFCKopChat but also the validity of donations to HJC. 

Instead of just answering the question or even stating that there was not enough revenue yet to donate : Kanwar was abusive. Why do so if there was nothing to hide ? It was a simple enough question to answer and frankly under the circumstances a perfectly valid one.

@LFCKopChat had already revealed on his blog that Kanwar had not paid up on an online bet with another fan where £500 was bet with the proceeds to do to HJC. Kanwar lost the bet but never paid up. Again the evidence for this is on @LFCKopChat's blog.

So in two instances, money was promised to HJC but never arrived. No evidence has been produced by Kanwar to prove the funds were paid and he continues to refute the claims despite the evidence to the contrary.

We have to ask why.

How did The Honourables get involved ?

Well quite simply, one of our followers was serially abused by Kanwar and we were asked for help. 

We were subsequently tagged in some of his abuse.

Now you're probably asking yourself some questions ... 

(1) Serially abused ?
(2) How did we know it's Kanwar himself ?
(3) What evidence is there to support that ?

Well in answer to questions 1 and 3, a simple look at the Twitter timeline of one of Kanwar's online aliases (he's used at least 20 at current count) @tommy_devito77 will demonstrate his serial abuse of people who disagree with him. At various times @tommy_devito77 has claimed to be a "friend" of Kanwar including ...

BUT ... 

In answer to question 2 ... a simple forensic analysis of the content of the tweets in that timeline reveal that it is Kanwar ... for instance have a look at these two tweets within minutes of each other and how the language changes from "JK" to "my" ...

So basically @tommy_devito77 in one tweet says he's not Kanwar, in another says it is JK's nieces who have been threatened ... but then in another makes the schoolboy error of actually saying "MY" nieces. 

Ooops Jaimie.

But what about Kanwar's own allegation of gross threats towards him ? 

He put up this picture as so-called evidence.

The original can be found here :

Now perhaps at first glance you would think - WTF !! - that's gross and highly offensive, no wonder he's angry. And at first glance it is gross and highly offensive.

But take a much closer look ... 

  • 1) The date of the alleged email and the date of it's final publication online (4th March 2013)
  • 2) The gap in the text of the email.

It said to us the email was potentially faked for several reasons

1) If it was real why weren't the police involved. The content constitutes serious abuse, threats against his nieces and if it was The Honourables on the receiving end it would be immediately worthy of police investigation. 

Kanwar however didn't do anything other than hurl abuse at other users apparently.

Now consider what MAY have happened. 

Had the sender been serious and the email real, then if anything had happened to his nieces and Kanwar KNEW about the threat in advance there would be serious questions asked of him not only by the police but also his family.

The alleged email itself constituted several breaches of both the Malicious Communications Act and also the Communications Act in the UK.

And indeed if this next screengrab was true then the forensic IT firm COULD have passed the information DIRECTLY onto the police ... coz it's a criminal matter. 

However there is a serious flaw in that argument. A forensic IT firm can only prove stuff when it has access to both sets of machines ... i.e. the source of the abuse and the recipient. Indeed to do so he would need a court order or a Norwich Pharmacal Order to release information - without that the most an IT firm can determine is IP address or a MAC address. That does not identify the actual end-user. In order to do that it would need the co-operation of an Internet Service Provider and indeed another court order to do so. 

Again we believe this is another of Kanwar's threats to make people deliberately uncomfortable. If not then why not produce the evidence and take action straight away ?

It smacks of desperation.

2) The gap in the text of the email makes for suspicious reading. It immediately smacks of deliberate doctoring.

So one of the followers of The Honourables decided to have a look at the forensic content of the picture posted by Kanwar.

He put it through the forensic checks at two different websites : and

Both demonstrated that there are elements of the photo that have been clearly photoshopped and doctored.

Most notably the text of the email itself - one of the sites clearly demonstrated the use of copy and paste within the wording, the other site demonstated something much more sinister.

Here is the forensic output from the check via the ELA (Error Level Analysis) check on that site :-

You can see the forensic check for yourself at this link : 

The above image looks like trash but what it does demonstrate are clear differences in the sources of the content ... the brightness in the one set of text clearly contrasts with the other. This demonstrates in our opinion different sources i.e. a doctored image.

3) We strongly believe therefore, as does the researcher, that the email image is FAKE.

This conclusion is based on the detail that the websites themselves have produced and on close examination of the results. Please note that in both cases the original image provided was fed to the website NOT a local copy - you are free to repeat the exercise for yourself and to examine the results.

We believe therefore that the so-called email was written purely with the intention to cause distress (not to Kanwar) but to @LFCKopChat. This can only be independently verified by details from each users email provider - again that requires the court to get involved. We can only express opinion.

Couple this with other additional factors such as the way in which Kanwar runs the @tommy_devito77 account and it becomes pretty obvious that he is a very angry and frankly, in our opinion, deluded individual. Perhaps he has cause to be ... who knows ... but if he has he needs to deal with the source of that anger not innocent people who have discovered his behaviour.

In addition to this, @tommy_devito77 (Kanwar remember) thinks that making online threats doesn't apply if you can't readily identify the person being threatened ... err no. Simply that is wrong.

Why is it wrong ? Because it breaches TWO laws ... here's the Communications Act 2003 and Malicious Communications Act clauses that apply to online abuse etc.

Nowhere in either of those pieces of legislation does it differentiate between whether a recipient of abuse is using their real name or a pseudo username and nor (in our opinion) should it.

If the police get the relevant information, they can readily trace real people from IP and MAC addresses used and backtrace to a specific device or a router. From that device the user or another device can be identified. 

This is how it works for those who believe it can't be done : the person getting abused reports it to the police AS A REAL PERSON. They give their username online and the username of the person doing the abusing. The abuser is then traced.... it's not difficult and does happen in real life... even with pseudonyms used.

Indeed, it doesn't even need the person being abused to report it. A witness to the abuse can report it to the police if they consider it to be gross abuse.

Given that the twitter timelines in question are indeed publically available at the time of writing this blog - anyone could read them and report the abuse.

There are ways and means. 

Kanwar is therefore very naive to think that he can just abuse people and get away with it.


And here is the potential clincher on the alleged email ... 

Is Kanwar psychic or just a complete tool ??

On 22nd November 2011, he tweeted this from his liverpool-kop Twitter account.

Now compare that to the date on the email.

A DAY BEFORE the email he tweeted it's content ... mmm we conclude therefore that it's DEFINITELY FAKE.

So let's put that in context : he was prepared to fake an email which basically he was going to use as so called evidence against someone - has subsequently posted it as such online but couldn't even get the basics of the date right ? And in that faked email he was prepared to put the reputations of his nieces and their names ?

Sorry Jaimie but that is just weak, disgusting and frankly pathetic. 

What does it say about him as a person ?

We wonder what your family would think of that behaviour ? 

Draw your own conclusions - ours are at the end of this blog entry.


And the irony in these two SETS tweets is risible :-


What does all of this mean ?

Well indeed - what does it mean.

(a) he simply cannot stand anyone who reveals his true intentions and resorts to abuse at every opportunity
(b) he claims to be a victim of abuse but faked the evidence
(c) from the evidence in @LFCKopChat's blog : Kanwar has allowed himself to be manipulated by Tom Hicks - not the first time a "patsy" has been needed for incidents originating in Texas. 

When he was tackled on some of these issues - this is a typical response to another user :-

Now does Kanwar even bother to get his facts straight before launching such abuse ? ... err no ... 

He's even confused as to where the stuff about the HJC donation came from. He accused @LFCKopChat of hacking his website and posting that as a comment ... however as the evidence above clearly demonstrates it was Kanwar himself in a full blog entry who mentioned charity donations from advertising revenue.

Note that this is completely separate to the £500 bet issue which he alternately says didn't happen and did.

This is the latest excuse for not paying up to HJC on the £500 bet ...

Err no lad ... if you do it publically and others see it, it is VERY different.

Is this the limit of Kanwar's stuff ?

No it's not ... sadly.

In 2009 and 2010, he gave several interviews to various Manchester United blog sites. We have to wonder why do several ? One is bad enough but several ? This can be easily verified by a simple Google search.

The official LFC forum has also been targetted by Kanwar in the past - this is from information provided directly from a moderator of the site to this writer. 

Kanwar has used several accounts on the official LFC forum site (a pattern here with multiple accounts) to promote his own blog site and threatened to sue them via numerous long-worded emails after he was "outted". He is apparently permanently banned from the site and also they took precautions that he and his site could not be mentioned on their forums.

He's done the same threats to various other blog sites too.

We have seen at least 10 of the blag twitter accounts too - using very similar language, the same patterns of behaviour towards specific users.

Again all of this taken together demonstrates a CLEAR pattern of behaviour and a modus operandi.

Has he attacked The Honourables directly ?

Bet your ass he has ...

Whilst this writer was in the process of producing this very blog these were posted.... 

We have written nothing in this blog that is defamatory - we have produced evidence to back up our claims. We have expressed an opinion as to how that evidence can be interpreted - alternative views could be drawn too. Those are up to individuals to decide.

If Kanwar wishes to pursue a course of action against us in the courts then we will fight him all the way. Yet as he has done several times in the past - we believe these hollow threats are just that - hollow. 

They are designed to intimidate others - yet he claims he is being bullied ... 

If you want a fight Kanwar - fine. But remember that the evidence is freely and readily available to back up the claims in this blog and also in @LFCKopChat blog.

We are also aware of how all of this actually started : the involvement of your website to disseminate information from Hicks. That will be the Tom Hicks who along with George Gillet almost, almost, made LFC completely bankrupt ... and you Kanwar sided with them. They used Kanwar's site to promote their bile and their attempts to block the change in ownership - they needed a "patsy". Some would say just like Lee Harvey Oswald was a "patsy" in a much bigger conspiracy ...

That alone spoke volumes regarding integrity in our opinion.

Just remember @tommy_devito77, Kanwar, @policepi, @fakeron whatever you're calling yourself today - making threats works both ways. 

The police don't just act on ONE side of events - they take evidence into account - FROM BOTH SIDES.


Our opinion :

Kanwar is a serial offender with numerous accounts on various platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Forums) - pleads innocence but is actually the perpetrator. 

When he is tackled he resorts to either abuse or threats (some of which can clearly be interpreted as violent ones).

The evidence is clear. The patterns of behaviour are clear.

If @tommy_devito77 is a "friend" of Kanwar's and not him in person then he is doing Kanwar no favours whatsoever - however we believe from the TL evidence of that twitter user that it is Kanwar himself. There are schoolboy errors on that account.

This is low ... even for him though : 

As that account is fond of saying "you reap what you sow" ... in his case - he is doing - he doesn't like it and instead of taking his punishment for his own actions like a man he's abusing people who have found him out. 

Those are the acts of a coward without remorse.

Jaimie Kanwar is, in our opinion, and it is only AN OPINION an abusive bullshitter and rip-off merchant too. 

We are entitled to express OUR OPINION using our platform just like he does on his.

He is therefore, again in our OPINION, a disgrace to LFC fans - he uses his site to gain advertising revenue which he promised to donate a portion of to HJC but has not done so. 

He has repeatedly abused users who have questioned him on this and the £500 bet matter despite evidence being out there that PROVES this to be true. 

His stances are becoming increasingly desperate - we don't particularly wonder why.

We believe he fabricated evidence to promote his claims of being a victim in order to gain sympathy and no doubt additional advertising revenue. That he did so using his own relatives demonstrates the depths he would go to.

Tie into that whenever someone who agrees with @LFCKopChat pops up ... instead of discussing the actual evidence he gets abusive, blocks them and moves onto the next "victim" or returns to abusing @LFCKopChat.

Those are the acts of an internet troll and a person probably with serious problems in their personal lives. 

We would hope that Kanwar will now STOP his abusive behaviour - realize that the game is up. There is enough evidence now available to prove that you've acted with deception, menace, as well as disingenuously and with utter stupidity.   

Stop whilst you still can, Kanwar, before the police get involved. 

There are numerous posts on @tommy_devito77 that can prove it's you - that's before the police even look at forensic IT detail. 

More and more abuse on that twitter TL - even if you hide behind an alias the comments on it give your real identity away.

All of this continued abuse towards others does not help your cause. 

In fact it makes it much, much worse because : the more people you abuse the better the case the police will have against you for breaching Communications laws.

If he was serious about taking legal action then he would not be boasting about it nor would he be attempting to goad users into revealing their real names online.

These all add up to someone who needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and reflect on what they are doing and the consequences of their actions. 

If he really thinks he's doing nothing wrong then he needs to put up or shut up. 

Sadly we believe he can't do so - his modus operandi is to abuse, threaten and abuse more. All whilst claiming he is the victim yet he is the one who has promised to do certain things and then backed down on doing them.  

Even worse, he's dragged the honour of the Hillsborough Charities into this. By promising a donation from advertising revenue (which is clearly happening from the adverts on the site) or the proceeds of a bet and then never paying up is again the action of a coward, and the act of a dishonourable person.

If you can't make the donation or match the bet - just admit it. No need to get abusive - the truth would be more acceptable than the lies and fabrications.

So we ask the reader : as a fellow LFC fan - do you want to associate with someone like that ? If you do ... then please leave this site and our twitter account.

If you don't : 

Another case of a sad so-called LFC fan not abiding by the words of You'll Never Walk Alone and at least in our opinion - Jaimie Kanwar needs and deserves to Walk Alone.

We therefore appeal to all sensible LFC fans to STOP using his website - cut off his advertising revenue. 

Hit him where it seems to hurt him most - in his wallet.
Sadly that is probably, short of police action (which at the current rate is a matter of when not if), the only way he will change his ways.

Again we will remind you of the warning at the top of this page : 

What is contained within this blog is opinion based on factual evidence - you are free to agree or disagree with it's content. 

Abusive comments will however not be tolerated and will be removed (for obvious reasons)

JFT96 YNWA - unless you really deserve to

P.S. two last pieces of real irony ... 


Says the man who hides behind an account called tommy_devito77 and has used numerous other fake accounts on various sites. Together with the fact that @tommy_devito77 account exists PURELY to dish out abuse. 

We're certain though the irony of the comments was lost on him. It's not just once either .... 


  1. Bloody hell, that's just nailed a complete lowlife son-of-a-bitch; pardon my French!!

    Lying is a very difficult position to maintain, isn't it, Jaimie?

    But seriously, using your own niece's for allegations of rape? That has to be the lowest of the low.

    Once more, massive congratulations to The Honourables, this is real journalism, & should be read all over the world, & I'm not being trite when I say that. *SUPERB*

    1. Cheers mrjnh - really appreciated. Word does need to get out there. YNWA

    2. Absolute pleasure, & in case you hadn't realized, "mrjnh" is just my wordpress version of @jnhaydon07, my twitter handle.

      You guys really are top notch