Sunday, 18 August 2013

SPECIAL : Red or Blue ... Who would follow @SunLiverpool or @SunEverton ?? *updated*

If you are a LFC or EFC fan ... red or blue ... you should know better than to follow accounts run by the Sun Newspaper.

In 1989 the Sun ran the worst headlines and story concerning the Hillsborough Disaster. Recently too the Sun Newspaper went subscription only on the internet.

On Twitter there is an account called @SunLiverpool and another called @SunEverton.

We want you all to boycott those accounts out of respect for the 96.

Please put the word out on Twitter using hashtag #BoycottSunLiverpool and #BoycottSunEverton and #DontBuyTheSun.

Get them trending.

By following and supporting those twitter accounts you are actively promoting that newspaper.

You are also disrespecting the fallen.

So - in a Rogues Gallery special :

here are the twitter names of 7000+ people who DO follow @SunLiverpool

here are the twitter names of 3000+ people who DO follow @SunEverton

If your twitter account is in either list and you are a LFC or EFC fan - hang your head in shame, shake yourself and unfollow that account.

Don't Buy The Sun

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