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Jaimie Kanwar - online menace, hypocrite, abusive troll and LIAR - EXPOSED ... AGAIN

In previous blogs in this strand of our site we've exposed some of Jaimie Kanwar's behaviour, owner/editor of liverpool-kop.com website.

He has recently taken things online to a new level of hypocrisy though.

He has created two new blogs lfckopchatstalker.com and jaimiekanwartruth.com together with a new twitter account @JKTruth.

Both blogs are littered with lies and deflection, his twitter timeline is littered with abuse of people who dare to question or disagree with him.

The man is an online menace. 

This is from one of the blogs - a description of the purpose of the blog .

"I have no choice but to counteract his public lies with the truth". 

As you will see below - Kanwar is no longer just going after LFCKopChat but anyone who even dares to question Kanwar's behaviour online. 

So here is some evidence debunking his allegations and also pointing to other clues as to his identity.

(a) Milking One Erroneous Tweet

The Honourables did NOT engage in serial abuse of a Hillsborough family member. We made ONE mistake in a tweet, which was apologised for TWICE. 

Kanwar continues (like James Haydon) to dine out on that one tweet totally forgetting our apologies. Kanwar and Haydon never apologise for their own behaviour. (remember that one for later please)

(b) Fake email

In our previous blogs we proved that the email that he accused LFCKopChat of sending threatening his nieces is/was fake. See here 

In short though there are two distinct reasons why it is fake :

  • It is photoshopped
  • Kanwar tweeted about the email the day BEFORE the date on the email.
Kanwar persists in using it to "beat people with a stick" online. 
We will repeat what we've said elsewhere if the threat was SO serious why hasn't he been pushing the police for a resolution instead of continual provocation online.

It doesn't make any sense.

(c) Picture of Kanwar's Garden

Another of Kanwar's claims on his new blogs (and on Twitter) is that @LFCKopChat MUST have visited Kanwar's house to take this picture.

This is what Kanwar specifically claims on his blog :

Part of that blog entry contains this wording :-

Read that carefully : "the ONLY way".

Now consider this :

How would someone be able to break into Kanwar's Home ... and take a picture at ground level. He lives in a flat above a terraced row of shops in Chew Magna, thus making access to that walled garden very difficult if not impossible without direct access through the buildings.

Now this is the real source of the picture in question :-


Note the picture in the middle - identical to the one posted by LFCKopChat.

Moondance is a cafe/gift shop in Chew Magna and is the business below Kanwar's flat.

How do we know this ? 

Because Kanwar's home address is plastered all over the internet when he registered his various domain names. He chose to put his home address "out there".

All LFCKopChat did was put the pieces together. Kanwar interpreted the picture as a threat - that was his choice. There was NO THREAT.

So again - Kanwar has LIED.

We have taken the steps of notifying the owners of that website and Moondance of the behaviour of Kanwar - just for their own protection.

(d) Old Holborn

Yes - the Old Holborn connection again.

Britain's vilest troll : which #LFC fan or #JFT96 campaigner in their right mind would even want to associate with Old Holborn after his regular insults of the 96 ?

This is an extract from the recent ITV "Tonight" programme on internet trolls. In it Old Holborn is interview (he insisted on his face being kept OFF camera - unlike in the Daily Mail link above though).

Note how Old Holborn has no regrets for his insults of the 96.

Now consider Kanwar : allegedly a #LFC fan (although we strongly suspect he's not - and we'll come back to that in a while), he's owner/editor of liverpool-kop.com - why on earth would he want to follow and be followed by (on Twitter) Old Holborn and some of Old Holborn's mates ....

Proof ? Of course there's proof ... Old Holborn is currently on his 30th Twitter account - @OHWinsAgain

Now note these and which account it refers to in the web address at the top of each picture.

Draw your own conclusions - although it's exactly the same sort of behaviour as @jnhaydon7 ... *winks*

(e) Abuse

Now this is where things start to get really "interesting".

Kanwar has claimed he has been threatened by various people. 
What is his response ? 
Does he ignore and not interact ? No.

What does he do ? He threatens others. 
Who ? anyone who questions his motives, his evidence, his behaviour ... anything.

He doesn't just put up examples of their tweets on his blogs but actually writes whole articles about them. He also tells them that unless they unfollow our account or LFCKopChat that he will name and shame them.

Then he has the audacity to claim that he is the troll ...

Several users have since made this point to our group, they have been pointed towards evidence against Kanwar's claims. 

They draw THEIR OWN conclusions. They are free to agree or disagree with us, LFCKopChat or Kanwar. However if they do they get abused and threatened

Some examples :-

As you can readily see (and these are just token examples) the pattern that emerges. Do as he demands or else ... 

This one is particular ironic ...

Kanwar is a lying abusive troll. He is blocked from our account yet regularly mentions it in breach of Twitter rules.

His language, behaviour etc are also similar to that other anathema ...

(f) Haydon

James Haydon (IF that is his real name) has finally owned up to his part in the blag to the ASA that he continues to accuse the other members of this group has having involvement in. We did NOT do so. Evidence proving that is presently on it's way to the police.

That matter on the ASA blag is the only issue we have any sympathy for Kanwar on. Haydon conspired to immitate a woman to get Kanwar nailed by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Other group members here knew it was happening but did not condone or agree with it. 

As stated, evidence proving that is now part of the continued police investigations into Haydon's behaviour.

We have increasing suspicions however that both Kanwar (on Twitter at least) and Haydon are indeed the same person. They both have similar phraseology, both have similar attitudes, both ridicule and attack anyone who questions them. 

Both deflect their own issues onto other people. 

Both need serious psychiatric help to deal with their issues.

Our conclusions

Kanwar is getting worse online.

Avoiding him is the best course of action. 

Our advice : do not engage with @JKTruth on twitter.

Do not use his liverpool-kop.com website.

If he is abusive towards you on Twitter use the Twitter Help Centre pages to report him.

His blogs are a different matter and are being dealt with appropriately by the relevant authorities.

He should be resolving these matters with the police not via further provocation online and certainly not by insulting, abusing and threatening people who simply disagree or question him on the evidence he has provided. 

Again in those respects Kanwar and Haydon are FAR TOO similar. 

This blog will potentially be updated in due course as issues are ongoing - till then - stay safe online.

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