Wednesday, 2 October 2013

EXPOSED AGAIN : Jaimie Kanwar the liar

In our last blog entry we exposed more of Kanwar's lies.

In this one we'll expose another.

Kanwar continues to claim that the email that he received was sent by LFCKopChat, his latest excuse for the mismatch of the dates is that the email was in 2011 but the tweets he made referencing it were in 2012.

This blog will debunk that.

(1) Here is the original email from Kanwar's OWN blog

Note the CLEAR date on the email. 

Wednesday November 23rd 2011 - time : 1:29pm

(2) Now here are the images of Kanwar's own tweets from November 2011 around the time of that email

Note several things ...

(a) The facebook link dated 21st November 

That link takes you to an article published on ?? 21st November 2011 on website.

Which article ?

This one :- 

Now note the date on that article : 21st November 2011. i.e. the dates match.

(b) Now note in the middle of that set of tweets the date of the mentions of the email regarding his nieces.

November 22nd 

Kanwar himself admits to November 22nd. But he claims that they were made in 2012 not 2011 - again this is from his own blog.

(c) The date on the second facebook link on the tweets is 

That link takes you to another liverpool-kop page. The date on that ? 22nd November 2011

Again proof that the tweets are from 2011.

(d) The offensive email is referenced on his own timeline BETWEEN the two facebook links from 2011. The dates match to the articles too. 

(3) Now consider several other factors.

(a) Kanwar did not publish the alleged email until March 2013 even though he allegedly received it in November 2011.

(b) Kanwar had plenty of time to either 

  • Photoshop a fake email and images of that appearing on his computer
  • Use an anonymous email service such as which allow the user to specify the FROM email address etc.
Using such an emailing spoof service as in the latter option above it is quickly possible to generate hate email and effectively land someone innocent in trouble. However the giveaway (as ever) would be expert examination of the email headers.

We challenged Kanwar yesterday (1st October 2013) to forward the original email to us (even via a third party) for it's validity to be expertly checked. 

Guess what ? He refused.

Now why would someone who is allegedly keen to clear his name do that ?

He continues to insult and abuse on Twitter on his current timeline of @JKTruth.

Another user has setup an e-petition to have Kanwar permanently removed from Twitter.

That petition can be found at : 

Again - Kanwar deserves to walk alone - he is (like James Haydon) a pathological liar and abuser.

Justice is coming Kanwar - sooner than you think and not what you expect.

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