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Kanwar Wars .. Episode II : Attack of the Trolls - it's ok though : we have a lightsaber for that (Updated)

WARNING : This blog entry contains strong language in the screenshot images

This blog is purely opinion based on the factual evidence presented online by Kanwar's own behaviour. 

In our previous blog on Rogues Gallery, we outted some of the abuse and misdemeanours of Jaimie Kanwar, owner and editor of

That blog entry is available here

We suggest if you are new to this whole issue that you start with reading that blog first. It'll make the content in this one have more sense ! :)

So what has happened since our last blog ?

Plenty has happened, Man United got knocked out of the Champions League, they all blamed the referee and in the case of dealing with Kanwar :  not a lot has changed sadly. 

Kanwar is still abusing people on his current twitter timeline of @tommy_devito77.

He continues to claim to be a victim yet all he does on that timeline is hurl abuse, false accusations and general bile.

The veil slips from time to time still too - when he "forgets" that he's meant to be writing as "a friend". That'll probably turn out to be the same invisible friend that "stole" his phone ... or he was always "drunk" when posting ... you know : the standard bullshit from abusive people when they've been found out.

So why are we writing another blog then ?

Ah ... good question ... 

Well we thought we'd keep you all up to date with some additional information we've uncovered and some of his latest hypocritical tirades. 

It seems rude of us not to present further evidence as it becomes available. Some of this information has already appeared on our Twitter timeline @TheHonourables 

1) His website : 

It's a google hosted site (blogger) like ours. That's interesting for future reference as we are fully aware (coz we are subject to the same ones) of the Terms and Conditions of membership.

However, given that we know that it's hosted by Google : his claims that his website was hacked are frankly just stupid. That would require a hack of Google's servers and in our opinion if that had happened there would already be major repercussions. 

Also, he claims that an expert IT firm has verified this claim - err that would have to happen with the co-operation of Google and indeed would probably require a US court order. 

Indeed, if Google's servers had been hacked then other blog sites would have been vulnerable and a notice would have been put out by Google to warn bloggers. That did not happen.

Therefore, we strongly believe his claims to be yet more lies.

2) His own Terms and Conditions

These are his rules on posting comments on his website.

So his policy for posting on his website is non-abusive - fair enough - but it's very hypocritical of him then to act abusively towards people who DARE to disagree with him elsewhere on the internet.

Especially the clause that starts with "Personal Abuse" in the picture above.

3) What is his comment policy that he refers to in the picture above ?

Well we wouldn't want you to give his site the traffic so we've done the hard work ...

We'll summarize : it's all hypocrisy compared to his own behaviour online and frankly if his conduct wasn't actually illegal on his Twitter Timeline as @tommy_devito77  it would be laughable. 

It's apparently ok for him to lay the law down about other people's behaviour but for himself ? It doesn't matter one jot apparently.

However the law doesn't work like that, Kanwar. 

4) What about Privacy ?

Ah ... now here's a really interesting one. 

In our previous blog on this we revealed that he had faked an email allegedly sent to his editorial email address at his website.

In that email he gave out the email address of the alleged perpetrator.

Now compare that action with his own privacy policy on his website. This is the relevant clause about email addresses etc.

So hang on ... an email was sent to his editorial email address yet it was ok for him to release it's FULL content including the sender's email address ? 

Presumably he did that without the permission of the alleged sender ... highly likely.

Err ever heard of the Data Protection Act, Kanwar ?

He'll no doubt cite this additional clause on his Privacy Policy ... 

However there is a MASSIVE difference between releasing information to others as a result of a legal request to just doing it out of spite or as part of a disagreement online. 

To do so breaches the Data Protection Act in the UK.

Oh dear, Jaimie ... another offence to add to the growing list.

5) Is he spokesman for LFC ?

Seems to think so - and he thinks he's acting "on behalf of all reasonable Liverpool FC fans". Errr no thanks.

This is what he posted up on his website regarding the twitter idiots who abused referee Mark Halsey following the Manchester United match at Anfield earlier this season.

We hear you ask ... "so what's so wrong with that ?"

Well in terms of content taken on it's own it's fine - however when you put that into the context of his own recent behaviour it's quite disturbing.

Regarding Twitter use : "it is a snivelling cesspit of faceless cyber bullies, stalkers, nutcases and gutless cowards"

Now compare that wording to this selection of some of his abusive comments in his twitter timeline :

More proof it's the same person tweeting as who posted that entry from 2012 on his site and note especially that his own name is given on that blog entry.

Ooops Jaimie.

Add into that the last paragraph of his "letter" to Halsey "only in a twisted universe is that an excuse for this kind of abuse"

*Spits drink out whilst laughing with irony*

6) Is those his only mistakes recently ? 

Nah - don't be daft not by a long, long way...

As this writer was typing out this blog @tommy_devito77 posted this :-

Quite simply, so many bits of legislation broken in those few tweets it's hard to know where to start.

  • (a) Incitement
  • (b) Direct threats of violence
  • (c) Wishing someone dead 
  • (d) Gross abuse
  • (e) Malicious Communications 

and those are just off the top of our head ...

now compare those to this :

Hypocritical and potentially psychopathic behaviour.

Does it stop there ? Does it hell ...

Remember that email we referred to ...

One email address had a address on it, the other a address. 

Yes, they are the same parent company who runs the email domains BUT they are succinctly different and someone with any IT knowledge should recognize that. 

Not Kanwar though ...

Is this the limit of his stupidity ? 

Oh come on, now your just having a laugh ...

As we revealed in the last blog update, the date on the faked email he claims had threats in it was supposedly sent on the 23rd November 2011 yet Kanwar had somehow "anticipated" it's content on his old Twitter account (in the name of his website) the day BEFORE

How could he possibly have known about the content of an email from someone else the day before it was sent ? Mystic Kanwar ?

Now to us mere plebs that is a significant issue, because it provides clear further evidence about the faking of the email. 

But to Kanwar ...

The delusion that dates are irrelevant is quite extraordinary. It also demonstrates that he's lied that much now that he actually believes his own lies.

In fact, date and time stamps on tweets, emails etc are VERY important in the context of evidence because they provide a clear timeline of who said what when.

7) Attempting to bully The Honourables

This speaks for itself :

and our response ?


8) More threats 

Yeah ... we promised you some of those - it may have been boring up till now but here you go a selection of his abuse, threats and false accusations ... enjoy :-

This set was particularly nasty because it was sent to a female follower of The Honourables who had just quoted one of our tweets 


Please put your drinks down if you have one ... don't want to spoil the wallpaper ... 

We've saved the best bit of hypocrisy in the last few days for last ...

If you've stopped laughing from the irony and hypocrisy of that tweet : you can pick up your drink again now ... if not take a pause for breath.

...... Ready ?

A little reminder for Kanwar on what the Malicious Communications Act 1988 actually says :

So have a look at the screenshots we've provided here and in the previous blog and the number of offences that Kanwar (in the guise of @tommy_devito77 - who was PROVEN to be Kanwar in previous blog) has committed just under that one act alone should add up to a very long prison sentence.

That's also before we add in the additional pieces of legislation which could be applied ...

and let's not forget the most recent one ... Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 which includes clauses about stalking and harassment (including cyber) ...

Vigilante too ? 

You can't talk the law into your own hands Kanwar. This is the UK in the 21st century not some distant lawless place in the dark ages.

Sadly Kanwar thinks he's untouchable ...

Err I think you'll find that the cops can act. 

They WILL act. 

Defamation is a civil issue but abuse and threats are completely different - they are CRIMINAL issues. 

In any case, the fake email that he claims was sent to him is not Defamation but a threat. That REQUIRES police intervention not civil action. 

But we all know why he won't go to the police - because it's fake and the reason he's hurling abuse is because he's been discovered and it's his only line of defence.

The evidence is stacking up, Kanwar, still care to test us in court ?


A little extra bite of evidence regarding how much of an LFC fan Kanwar REALLY is.

In 2010, Kanwar had his own twitter account in his own name ... these are the accounts he followed : 

We think the at least TWO of the names in that list should speak volumes about where his loyalties really lie. 


Latest Conclusions

Sadly, we believe that his abusive behaviour will only stop once the Police are involved. 

Yes we fully understand that some LFC fans would consider that to be grassing, but sadly someone is going to probably end up being either emotionally or worse physically hurt by his continued behaviour.

We would strongly urge ANYONE on the receiving end of his abuse to log a complaint with their local police force via telephone number 101, and if necessary make a formal statement. 

Keep the evidence too of the abuse, use screenshot software to do so, print out copies if necessary. Make notes of the details of the individual tweet references (each tweet is allocated a unique identifier).

The more people that do the more likely the various police forces are going to co-operate and clamp down on him hard.

In addition to this, we now believe that Kanwar has some serious mental issues. 

He needs proper professional help. 

That may only come, as he seems to be in constant denial, when he is arrested or sectioned under the Mental Health Act. To be sectioned however that will require him to be investigated by the police.

We also urge anyone who has received a threat from Kanwar or an abusive message to use the Twitter Help Centre to report his abuse. Again the more that do, the more likely there will be positive action.

And lastly, please STOP using his website .. cut off his advertising revenue. He deserves to Walk Alone.

To the rest of you ...



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