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Kanwar Wars - Episode III : Revenge of the Fans

WARNING : This blog entry contains strong language in the screenshot images

This blog is purely opinion based on the factual evidence presented online by Kanwar's own behaviour.

In our previous blog, we highlighted some of the additional stuff that Jaimie Kanwar, owner/editor of Liverpool-Kop website had been up to.

That additional stuff included who he followed from his own personal twitter account in 2010 including The S*n Newspaper !!

As any right minded LFC fan would know - that is one of the worst things LFC fans could possibly do.
Sadly some of his misdemeanours are a little worse than we had revealed to date.

Here's some more background information including what some other fans think of him and his website together with additional evidence.

Collaborating with Manchester United Websites and Merchandising

In an earlier blog, we made brief reference to his collaboration with Manchester United Fan Websites but did not provide the links etc.

We feel that it is only fair that LFC fans know which sites to look at for the evidence.

So here goes :

From 2009

This interview was given just AFTER the 4-1 thrashing of MUFC at Old Trafford. Please bear that in mind when reading it and the following snippets.

Snippets from that interview :

So LFC have just trashed MUFC and the first thing in the interview is Kanwar basically slagging off the club.

Insulting Stevie G - really Kanwar ? Perhaps the greatest player to grace an LFC shirt since the last time we won the (what is now) Premier League title ? And you call yourself a fan ?

Note the sucking up to Ferguson .. that's going to crop up again. And also note the further insult to Gerrard.

And even more insults to Gerrard :

From 2010

That one is just FULL of inaccuracies and as one commenter at the bottom says : Kanwar doesn't know how to read accounts. Far, far too selective in the comparisons.

But then again he was given ammunition to MUFC website.

From 2012

A couple of snippets from that interview.

We understand that it is just Kanwar's opinion but would you want to call Ferguson a genius as a Liverpool fan ? And especially to be seen to be "sucking up to" the MUFC fans ?

That snippet is especially galling to us given Kanwar's actions over the HJC advertising revenue donation and also the £500 owed from his online bet with another fan.

The interview was given the week before the match v Manchester United at Anfield in September 2012. Unfortunately during the Hillsborough tribute Manchester United fans disgraced themselves, after the match too, with gross chanting. Did their fans "slap down any idiots" ... No.

And another from September 2012 ...

But you mentioned merchandising too ...

This is from @LFCKopChat's blog

We think the detail there speaks volumes.

Displaying pictures for marketing is just wrong on Kanwar's Liverpool-Kop site. Just plain WRONG.

Image Rights

In our other blog which deals with generalized comment and Hillsborough educational material we have an article dealing with Image Rights and Abusive Users. 

That article was written on the back of abusive tweets from Manchester United fans and also a response from MUFC themselves.

It makes it clear that football club logos etc are copyrighted images and as such fall under a club's Brand Protection remit.

So what's this to do with Kanwar.

Ah - it's the source of another misdemeanour of his.

This is his profile on

Pay particular attention to the use of the club emblem and the famous "This is Anfield" sign.

We must ask the question does Kanwar have explicit permission from LFC to use that logo etc ?

If not and put that in conjunction with his abusive comments online then he is  DIRECTLY jeopardizing the reputation of Liverpool Football Club.

So what do other LFC fans make of him

Fortunately, from what we've seen there is not much in the way of respect for his actions on the net.

Here are some examples of other fan opinion :

And these links are before we even start to look at forum threads across the numerous LFC fan forums.

Oh go on ... we'll add some for ya ...

On that last one Kanwar threatened legal action ... again.

As you can see 18 months on the article is still there.

Has he stopped abusing ?

Our response ... has hell frozen over ?

For those who don't understand : the answer is NO he hasn't.

But he really should be careful about the information trail he leaves lying around on the internet ...

We won't directly reveal it's content but if you look closely on the right hand side of the page on the link you may get some interesting information. 

And here are some tweets that seem to like to hang around on the internet from his old liverpool_kop twitter account

We like to try and leave a little bit of hypocrisy from Kanwar to last ... and for this article we'd like to draw attention to his poetry collection ....

Given the evidence we've presented in previous blog entries and this one we would suggest the vacuum and decaying minds images mean something completely different now.

And for real fun :-

The irony running throughout that one is really tangible and when we first read it couldn't stop laughing at it's hypocrisy.

Is there anything we can do to stop him online ?

Yes there is.

1) Contact Local Police

 If you have been DIRECTLY abused by Kanwar via Twitter, Facebook or even on his website or elsewhere.... 

If you have the evidence (screenshots etc), please ring 101 (in the UK) and contact your local police. We've covered the legislation that applies in previous blogs.

2) Contact NewsNow

Why NewsNow ?

His website liverpool-kop relies on external websites to provide "feeds" to his articles for site traffic.

Around 40% of this web traffic comes from links published on NewsNow.

We believe that because of the amount of plagiarism etc on liverpool-kop that the amount of original material is negligible.

He actively promotes "as on NewsNow" on his website front page.

We believe that NewsNow should only be providing links to sites that actually provide news not just rip-it-off and present it mostly verbatim.

If you wish to complain to NewsNow here's the link

3) Report specific abuse to the network content provider

If you've been directly abused or threatened then the law in the UK provides protection for you. 

Companies such as Twitter etc have a DUTY not just under law but also under their own Terms and Conditions to protect people from abuse and especially from threatening behaviour.

Use the likes of the Twitter Help Centre to report specific instances of abuse/threats.

4) Put the word out - get people to read these blog articles, the links in this and other articles.

Make life uncomfortable for him.

5) Get your followers, friends etc to STOP using liverpool-kop

Without his network traffic, he has no advertising revenue. 


Why do we want you to do this ?

We firmly believe Kanwar is NOT REALLY A LIVERPOOL FAN. 

There are numerous pieces of evidence available (even more than we've referenced in these blog articles) that he is anti-LFC in general. Go and do a Google search (or other search engine) and it becomes pretty obvious. 

He seems to hate Suarez, Rafa Benitez yet sided with Hicks & Gillet and Roy Hodgson - he was happy when Dalglish was sacked.

He was very happy with team performances when LFC were in a bad patch around the start of the season.

All the clues are there. He just won't admit it. 

We firmly believe he is a Manchester United fan gaining money off gullible LFC fans.

And what does he do with that money ?

This is off his Facebook page - Kanwar at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Expensive trip that. Wonder how much of it was paid for by advertising revenue and how much of that should have gone to HJC as he promised ?

We firmly believe he is a schizophrenic who believes his own lies. 

We firmly believe that he is now a danger to himself and others.

We firmly believe that he needs professional help. His hypocrisy and abuse is potentially at a dangerous level where someone is likely to get hurt either emotionally or physically judging by the threats he dishes out on his current twitter alias @tommy_devito77.

We firmly believe that we all owe it as human beings to get him that help - even if we don't like what he does.

We firmly believe however that as a traitor to Liverpool FC that he deserves to Walk Alone.

Make it happen - do REAL LFC fans a favour - Kanwar : go and plague the club you really support : MUFC.

To everyone else ... 



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